Who is John Q?

Teacher & coach John Quesenberry has long been a champion for children and has worked hard to provide them opportunities and a shot at a successful future. Now he is asking for your support to fight for the people of Raleigh, Wyoming, and McDowell Counties. Together there’s nothing we can’t accomplish for the people of West Virginia!

John Q For Senate

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For years I have been trying to instill a love of country and sense of service in students, stressing two bedrock principles our founding fathers believed were crucial for a successful republic – civic virtue (a willingness to put aside our own individual interests for the common good) and civic engagement (being actively involved in our democracy). After teaching about those cherished ideals, I have decided it is time to practice what I preach. That is why I am running to be your representative for the 9th District in the West Virginia State Senate.

Being involved in the legislature is something I have been interested in, but put off, for many years. The chance to represent and serve the people of my home county (Wyoming) and the county I have called home since I began teaching (Raleigh) has long been a dream of mine. The fact that a portion of my mom and daddy’s home county of McDowell is included in that district is icing on the cake.



I am a pro-life candidate. I believe in protecting the most vulnerable among us and in promoting the worth of each individual. This includes not only unborn children, but those children suffering from neglect and abuse, living in poverty, and those seeking a secure future that includes a quality education and future employment opportunities. We must invest in our children. We must support those in foster care.


I believe in individual liberty. Whether it is religious liberty, property rights, 2nd amendment rights, or freedom of speech, I believe our rights must be protected.

The government should not be in the business of telling people what they can do with their own money. I opposed the government telling employees what they can or can’t have deducted from their paychecks.

The government should not be able to seize your individual property and mineral rights by allowing companies to drill or mine on your land without your permission. I oppose forced pooling. Your neighbors should not be able to vote to give others the right to sell your land rights out from under your feet.


The actions our legislature has taken to build our economy has not brought the promised jobs to the state and has instead struggled to cover deficits, lowered wages (with the prevailing wage law), balanced budgets on the backs of the working and middle class, and seen our state’s bond ratings lowered. We were promised right to work would have businesses flocking to our state, even though this is never listed as one of the major factors businesses look for when relocating.

Donate to John

Our campaign counts on small donations from people like you. The maximum contribution allowed to any campaign for nomination or election to any office is $1,000.00 ($1,000.00 for the primary election and $1,000.00 for the general election). Whether you’re donating $10 or $100 – it will go a long way towards building the momentum we need to take our message to Charleston.



  • West Virginia Education Association – State Executive Committee
  • Raleigh County Education Association – Executive Committee, Building Rep
  • West Virginia Council for Social Studies – President-Elect
  • District Leadership Team – United Methodist Church – Southern District – West Virginia
  • Certified Lay Speaker – United Methodist Church
  • Mullens United Methodist Church – Sunday School Teacher
  • Gilder Lehrman History Teacher of the Year – West Virginia (2014)
  • Outstanding Educator Award – University of Chicago
  • Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (twice)
  • Eagle Scout – Boy Scouts of America
  • YLA Sponsor (Youth Leadership Association)
  • Coach at Independence Middle School, Park Junior High, Woodrow Wilson High School
  • County Levy Committee on Instructional Support – Raleigh County Schools
  • County Levy Committee on Extracurricular Activities and Transportation – Raleigh County Schools
  • State Committees – Statewide Discipline Policy, Dropout Prevention and Truancy, and Statewide Teacher
  • Professional Development Program